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There's a quiet movement going on in this country, and it doesn't involve apps, data or the latest fad.  Jigsaw puzzles are seeing a resurgence in popularity. It's an opportunity to unplug and give yourself and family an escape from the information overload that is buzzing through the very fabric of our lives 24/7.

Wrestling yourself away from screens, devices, even the television can be a nearly impossible task, but it's vital to our mental and even physical health. A jigsaw puzzle requires your full attention and therein lies the magic. Everyone from tweens and teens to millennials and over-worked parents to seniors are returning to this quiet pastime of childhood. Call it a retro revolution.

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    In Their Footsteps Puzzle

    Kamala Harris blazed a trail of firsts, however, she wouldn't have gotten this far if it weren't for many brave women who paved the way before her....

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